A Quick Visit to Grado

About 30 kilometers due west of Oviedo is the small town of Grado, home to about 7000 people. Grado is the kind of village where you might casually happen upon something like a reenactment of a fight from the 19th century Peninsular War. Somehow, the mock battle between groups of townspeople in antiquated soldier costumes didn’t surprise me at all. It seemed to fit. Like so many pueblos around Spain, with its slow pace and social life lived out in the streets, Grado seems stuck in an earlier time.

Photos of Grado in Asturias

We didn’t have long to walk around the town or explore the surrounding area, but we were charmed by Grado. The architecture is different than in other Asturian towns we’ve visited; Grado’s boom was during the early 20th century, when it developed into an important agricultural hub, built new theaters, hotels and cabarets, and became a popular escape from Oviedo. There are a lot of old colonial-style mansions, built by the indianos: Asturians who’d made their fortunes in the Americas and returned home to live in luxury.

Battle of Grado Asturias Photos

Happening upon the war reenactment was totally coincidental. Grado was the scene of four important battles during the Spanish war of independence against the French, and the people here are still proud of their involvement, and watching soldiers kill each other was a fun way to end our short visit to the town. Especially since it’s so close, Grado makes for an easy excursion from Oviedo.

More Photos of Grado and the Battle:

Old Palace Grado Asturias
Old Grado Fence
Main Plaza Grado Asturias
Grados Church Asturias
Grados Statue
Pan de Lena Grados Asturias
Grados Architecture Asturias
Grados Town Church Asturias
Grados wooden Balcony
Terrace Bar and Fountain Lamp Asturias
Horse man Battle of Grado
Asturias undertaker
Maid taking photos
Waiting for the battle Grados Asturias
Asturian Soldier
Grado Photos Battle Stock Photos
Old Fashion Hacker Attack
Asturian Battle
Firing Riffles Asturias Spain
Flag of Asturias stock photos

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