Finally, We Visit Llanes

During our three months in Asturias, we’ve seen a lot of wonderful towns. But none of them have impressed us as much as Llanes, an absolutely gorgeous city in the east of the Principality. A perfect melding of tradition and modernity, Llanes is full of beautifully restored buildings, and boasts an expansive ancient center separated from the day-to-day village life by medieval walls.

Llanes Asturias Photos

Walking around the streets of Llanes was a treat; practically every building screamed for attention, and each narrow alley seemed to be showing off. Even the town’s tourist office is a highlight, inside a small circular tower along the old city wall. The people we encountered were friendly, and despite the rainy weather, everyone was in good spirits, tourists and locals alike.

And there were a lot of tourists. Llanes is a popular vacation destination and in the summer, the population quintuples up to 20,000. Tourists (mostly Spanish) choose Llanes for its beaches, the plentiful surrounding sights, the proximity of the Picos de Europa and of course the beauty and excellent reputation of the town itself.

Llanes Church

We spent a long time admiring ancient palaces like the 14th century Palacio de Gastañaga, and modern structures such as the Casino de los Indiano, which is today the city hall. Perhaps most impressive was the San Pedro Walk, a long and entirely green park which stretches endlessly along the coast, offering tremendous views of both the ocean and the town.

This was one of the last excursions from Oviedo which we embarked on. We shouldn’t have waited so long.

More Llanes Photos:

Llanes church photos
Holy Llanes heads
Melted stone llanes
llanes Asturias Spain
Gap Plant
Flute plant llanes
Street corner Llanes Asturias
Architecture Llanes Asturias Spain
Cube building Llanes Asturias
Construction Llanes River
soda cart
Palace Llanes Asturias
Llanes Tower
Llanes lighthouse
Llanes coast
Llanes Fishing net
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Llanes pumps
Fishing boats Llanes Asturias
Llanes city beach
Playa de Llanes Asturias
Going for a walk Llanes Asturias
Coast park Llanes Asturias
Trees in Asturias
Cliffs of Llanes Asturias
Rainy day in Llanes
Llanes Pastry

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