The Bizarre Beach of Gulpiyuri

The coast around Llanes is well-known as one of the most stunning areas in Spain, and during a recent trip there, we sought out one of the features which makes it special: Gulpiyuri beach.

Gulpiyuri Beach Asturias

Gulpiyuri’s name isn’t its only bizarre facet: this beach is found completely inland, in a gorgeous little cove which looks like something out of a fantasy. I kept expecting to see Christopher Atkins and Brooke Shields rolling around on the sand, making out. The Cantabrian Sea bored through the earth to create this sandy spot, and though you can’t see the ocean, its waves to lap the shore just like any beach. Like a magical wave pool.

We sat here for a half hour, taking in the cove’s beauty and eating bocadillos. Our dog Chucky came along for this road trip, and though Gulpiyuri’s odd allure was probably lost on her, she seemed to enjoy the sand.

More pHotos of the Gulpiyuri Inland Beach:

Gulpiyuri Inland Beach
Weird Beach Gulpiyuri
Inland Strand
Beaches of Asturias Gulpiyuri
Stock photo Gulpiyuri Beach

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  1. Absolutely fascinating.  Love the idea of a beach being inland, its absolutely enchanting.  Would be interesting to see what happens to the water when there is a storm out at sea.  

  2. Matthew Fine

    That is quite astonishing, an inland beach… I’m surprised it’s not more popular, its amazing that such a spectacular thing could have formed

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