El Cristo – Oviedo from Above

The neighborhood of El Cristo occupies a hill just south-west of the city center, and hosts the majority of the University of Oviedo‘s facilities.

Cristo Oviedo Cooling Tower

We ascended into El Cristo, a hundred meters above the historic center, to check out the neighborhood. It’s a lively area full of students and residents, and interesting both for the crazy university architecture and the views over the valley.

Oviedo’s Plaza de Toros can be found in El Cristo, towards the foot of the hill. It’s out of use and has apparently become the hangout for the city’s alcoholics; at 11am, we saw a woman squatting in the bushes with her pants down, trying clownishly to maintain balance without letting go of her beer bottle. We named her “Sweetie”. Sweetie del Cristo.

Abandoned Oviedo Building Asturias

The architecture is surreal, exactly what a sci-fi writer from 1964 might consider “futuristic”. Up at the very top of the hill, we arrived at the old meteorological center and a bunch of industrial storage silos, which would make a great location for a Hollywood chase scene. Overall, we liked El Cristo more than we thought we would. A cool contrast to the rest of Oviedo, which is so monumental and ancient.

More Photos of El Cristo in Oviedo

Old Oviedo University Building
04 el cristo oviedo asturias IMG 9570
Weird Stairs Oviedo
Open Air Pool Oviedo
Campo de Futbol de Cristo Oviedo
Yellow rain tunnel
Modern Art Oviedo
Neighborhood of Oviedo Cristo
Building Connector Tunnels
Oviedo Barbwire
Oviedo Tanks for University
Industrial Oviedo

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  1. Max

    Your photography, and especially the architectural images of churches, is both informative and beautiful. I would like to know what camera and lens (love gear) you have and if your schooling and training is in architecture. BTW, Savannah will be something for me to look forward to seeing. New Orleans… sometime?

  2. Juergen

    Hello Max,

    Thank you very much for your comment and your compliments 😉 I went to a photography school and love taking pictures.

    If you are interested check out my other work: http://www.jhfoto.de

    Yeah, Savannah should be very interesting and we did consider New Orleans but New Orleans is being hyped enough by big media right therefor we chose Savannah.

    Where are you from? Got any Oviedo tips for us?

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