First Set of Random Oviedo Photos

Plateria azabache

Once in awhile we’ll be posting a random set of photos, which don’t easily fit into other posts, but are too good to ignore! These are all from our first week in Oviedo, and reveal some of my initial impressions.

Old buildings Oviedo
Olympic Biking Oviedo Sign
Sausage Window Display Oviedo
Cow nose with flies
Hair Dressing School Oviedo
Oviedo beautiful building
Oviedo city gate
te lleva a Ikea train station
No sidra no party
Man in Oviedo
Oviedo Train Station
Botones Kizury
Sidra Statue
Butt Statue Oviedo, Asturias
Tweety Bird in the park
Man with umbrella sitting on a bench in Oviedo Asturias
Woman sitting at a bus station in Oviedo, Spain
Abstract architecture Oviedo

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  1. AJS

    Jeans? sweaters? jackets? Umbrellas? August! Did you move back to Ireland?

    Looks lovely. disfrutad!

  2. Juergen

    We keep saying that Asturias reminds us very much of Ireland but still it’s very different. We had a pretty rough temperature shock when we arrived here.

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