Villaviciosa – Capital of the Cider Region

Welcome to Villaviciosa, the Vicious Village, where nightmares are reality and your screaming only makes the villagers thirstier for blood!

Villaviciosa - Capital of the Cider Region

Man, was I disappointed to learn that Villaviciosa’s name actually translates to “Fertile Valley”. Vicious Village would be so much cooler! The capital of the Comarca de la Sidra, Villaviciosa’s fertile valleys (sigh) make it the biggest cider-producer in Spain. We visited out the city after our tour the Sidrería El Gaitero.

Villaviciosa is not big, but definitely has its share of small-town charms. There’s a quiet plaza with a statue dedicated to apples, and we ventured inside the Santa María de la Oliva, a beautifully preserved church from the 13th century. There was a mass going on, and after the churchgoers gave us sufficiently annoyed glares, we left them alone, and went to find food at one of the many local sidrerías.

Combined with our visit to the Gaitero factory, this was a full day, and we left without exploring the surrounding area. In addition to the town, Villaviciosa’s beaches are supposed to be really lovely.

More Villaviciosa Photos:

Villaviciosa Sidra Fountain
Gaita Player Fountain
Drummer Boy Fountain
Villaviciosa Church
Villaviciosa Stone Church
Statue Stone Church Villaviciosa
Stone Wild Pig Villaviciosa
Stone Columns
Only men Church
Lonely Men
Flowers Villaviciosa
Pond Rose
When life gives you lemons statue
Apple in a hat statue
Villaviciosa Ayuntamiento
Villaviciosa Trees
Sidreria Galeon Restaurante Villaviciosa
Villaviciosa Calles
Villaviciosa Painter
Villaviciosa Oldtimer
Weird Street Signs Spain

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