More of Oviedo in Pictures

More of Oviedo in Pictures Architecture

The capital of Asturias is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, and a walk through its streets reveals Oviedo’s 1000-year history, as much as the vibrant, contemporary place it is today. The ancient Pre-Romanesque churches and Baroque palaces are stunning, but we had just as much pleasure photographing the more modern buildings.

Here’s another set of random pictures of Oviedo, taken over the past week. This city is really beautiful.

Oviedo Old Bar
70ies Architecture Oviedo, Spain
Copra Escanciador Sidra
Beautiful Oviedo Buildings
Hidden spot Oviedo
Holy Window Display Oviedo
Oviedo Handshake
Traditional Buildings Oviedo, Asturias
Naked Butts Spain
Oviedo Travel Blog
Oviedo, Spain Palm Trees
Oviedo Mailman
Roof Work with magnolia tree
Tourists in Oviedo, Spain Foto

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