Restaurante La Más Barata

On Calle Cimadeville, just past the open arch of the Ayuntamiento building, Restaurante La Más Barata is one of Oviedo’s most famous and popular restaurants.

Restaurante La Más Barat

We were excited to check it out, mostly because its name translates as “The Cheapest”, and we’re eternally on a budget. But the name turned out to be a bit of a misnomer; La Más Barata wasn’t anywhere close to the most barata meal we’ve had in Oviedo. But it’s not crazy expensive, either, and we had a good experience.

The restaurant is most known for its rice dishes. I had a delicious serving of black rice with squid tips cooked in ink, but Juergen’s plate, tenderloin with french fries, wasn’t very interesting. So if you go, you should probably stick with the house specialty: rice. The paella we saw on other tables looked incredible.

La Más Barata also has a popular bar/lounge where you can snack on tapas and tostas. Here, the prices really are cheap. The tostas are huge and packed with great toppings, and the atmosphere is perfect, too; crowded and loud, but overly so.

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More photos of Restaurante La Más Barata in Oviedo:

Ovieo Restaurante La Más Barat
Arroz Negro Asturias
Lomo y papas

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  1. daquien

    The restaurant is called “La más Barata” because that was the name of a very well known notions store that was there from the 1920s to 2000.

  2. Pappy Powell

    Please tell me Juergen didn’t really eat that squid ink rice! Is that someone’s tongue on the fries? Mike…can you talk? Chucky?

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