To the Top of Mount Naranco!

Oviedo is bounded on the north by Mount Naranco, which stretches over five kilometers in length and reaches 634 meters in altitude. 634 meters? Pfah, that’s nothing… let’s climb it!

Mount Naranco Oviedo Asturias

And so we did. Starting from San Miguel de Lillo, a path winds up the mountain, through a forest and finishes at the top. It’s all uphill, but the path zigzags and isn’t too difficult. Unless, of course, you’re like us: stupid.

We thought we’d take a shortcut, since well-trodden trails are so boring. The little path shooting off through the shrubbery looked promising! Soon enough, the path disappeared but, clever as we are, we decided to push through the thicket anyway. Thorny branches were soon scraping our legs and arms to shreds. I clutzed through a spiderweb and, spotting its hairy owner crawling up my stomach, unleashed a deafening shriek of ladylike terror. Clever and masculine, yep that’s me.

Mount Naranco Views Asturias

Bloody and agitated, we eventually made it to the top, where we were greeted by a giant statue of The Sacred Heart of Jesus. With his arms open towards the city, Jesus seems to be embracing Oviedo, protecting it. Underneath the statue is a version of the famous Cruz de la Victoria, which features on the flag of Asturias.

Climbing the mountain was worth the effort for the incredible view over Oviedo and its valley. There’s no better place to get a sense for the layout, size and topography of the region. You can also drive up to the top of Mount Naranco, if you don’t feel like a hike. Either way, make sure to go on a sunny day; the panorama is unforgettable.

Geese of three
Santa María del Naranco
Blue bug with red dots
Asturias Fern
Hiking Oviedo Asturias Spain, man in nature
Panoramic Views of Oviedo, Asturias
Monumento Sagrado Corazon

Bonus photos of Mount Naranco added 2021:

Stock Photo Oviedo Asturias
Geese Teeth and Eyes
Geese going on a walk in the grass
Oviedo, Asturias Travel Blog
Oviedo, Asturias viewpoint
Oviedeo Asturias Naranco Cross

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  1. AJS

    Dudes you have been working hard. Glad to see Mike in shorts and not wool.

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    By the way for some reason I can not see the comments.

    Espero que todo os vaya bien!

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    Yeah, we have been keeping ourself more than busy, maybe too busy! We feel totally stressed out and need vacation time in Valencia, hehe.

    We actually just went yesterday to take a closer look at the Calatrava building. From far away we were not too impressed BUT closer it’s pretty neat … he plays with your mind! But more in the upcoming post about it.

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    Say hello to all in VLC!

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