El Campo de San Francisco

El Campo de San Francisco

A 22-acre park in the middle of the city, the Campo de San Francisco is Oviedo’s green heart; a space of tranquility and relaxation much appreciated by residents.

Oviedo Old Gate

Since the founding of Oviedo, the park has been protected from development and, apart from being used for military drills in the 1th century, has always been a place for rest and recreation. Trapezoidal in shape, San Francisco contains over 120 types of trees from every continent on earth (except Antarctica, which doesn’t really count anyway), with an emphasis on Asturian species.

Peacocks are the park’s most famous residents. A number of the proud birds strut about the grounds uninhibited and unimpressed by the presence of humans. During our trips to the park, they kept their feathers hidden, much to our frustration. We tried whistling and chirping, and spooking them. I got desperate enough to consider spraying myself with peacock pheromones.

San Francisco is a place for a Sunday stroll, and not at all a park apt for blankets, football and picnics. With a large number of statues, occasional concerts and art exhibits, and beautiful fountains, there’s plenty to see. And if leisurely strolls wear you out, there’s an outdoor café where you can stop for coffee. The Campo de San Francisco is truly emblematic of Oviedo: small, ancient, beautiful, relaxed, rich in statues and history, and just a tiny bit posh. We love it.

Location on our Oviedo Map

Granpas Oviedo
Bucket Palm
El Campo Del San Francisco
Oviedo Palms
Francisco Fontan
Kiosk Oviedo
Oviedo Duck
Oviedo Frog
Oviedo Snail
Oviedo Peacock
Peacock House


  • Pappy Powell

    This looks like a magical place. Maybe the pics shown steer me that direction. Who cares. I want to sit with the 3 senior citizens on the park bench and help analyze/solve the world’s problems….and, of course, make nasty comments about the tourists walking by.

    August 17, 2010 at 12:41 pm
  • rixar garcia

    pappy powell I´m sure you don´t believe what I´ll tell you. But the most peculiar of my city, Oviedo, is that people living here are very kind and nice, I think that this is the most valuable treasure of this city, Visit us and you´ll see in person i´m not liyng 😉 greetings

    August 17, 2010 at 6:32 pm
  • feangel

    This is indeed a beautiful park, Oviedo a magical city, with warm & friendly people. Local residents patiently listen to our questions (with our ‘poquito español’) and cheerfully answer them. Tourist Info said that we’re just 2 of VERY few Canadians, if any, who have come here…but we’ll hope to change that by telling our friends when we go back home. Beautiful pictures, by the way!

    August 17, 2010 at 8:52 pm
  • Carmen Arrue

    Chicos, your photos are great!  Every one of them! 

    January 10, 2013 at 5:45 pm